President Kenyatta Finally Responds to These Controversial Issues Surrounding Obama's Visit

  • President Uhuru Kenyatta has addressed issues perceived to be the elephant in the room, in connection with President Barack Obama’s visit.

    Concerns had been raised, on issues centering around the Homosexuality agenda and on whether or not, Deputy President William Ruto will meet the US president.

    On whether Deputy President William Ruto will be meeting the US President…

    President Kenyatta confirmed that indeed the deputy President will be in the bilateral talks with the US president.

    Kenyatta noted that president Obama will be coming to meet the Kenyan government that is in place, which the deputy president is part of.

    Concerns had been raised on whether Ruto would allowed to meet the US President adducing to the case he is facing at the International Criminal Court (ICC).

    On what will happen if Obama raises the gay agenda…

    President Kenyatta brushed off the gay agenda is a non-issue, adding that it is not in Kenya’s agenda at all.

    He further said that the Nation is faced by more serious issues such as poverty, infrastructure development and security which will be prioritized.

    Various lobby groups have protested and warned the US President to keep off, touching on the homosexuality issue while he will be in the country.

    On what will be given priority between Security and trade...

    President Kenyatta said both are equally important, noting that there cannot be trade if there is no secure environment.

    He maintained that both trade and security go hand in hand.

    In conclusion of his address the President called on the country to grant President Obama a hearty welcome.

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