Revelers Stumble Upon A Gun At A Toilet Bar

  • Police officers had to be called in to a bar in Nairobi West, Nairobi County after revelers at the popular bar stumbled upon a gun in the toilet, apparently left behind by the owner.

    The mini-ceska pistol was found abandoned on the toilet flusher on Saturday night, with witnesses saying the owner could have been too drunk to remember that he had left it there.

    Police say that as of Monday morning, the owner had not shown up at the police station to claim the weapon, The Standard reports.

    They added that the gun looks licensed but that the owner would still have to face the consequences of leaving the weapon lying around.

    Speculations have been made that the owner had not shown up to collect it because the gun could be illegally owned.

    A recent report released after a study by Kenya National Focal Point and Small Arms Surve shows that there are about 600,000 illegally owned firearms in Kenya.

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    Man forgets gun in a Nairobi bar toilet, police looking for him

    — The Standard Digital (@StandardKenya) May 25, 2015

    Image of A gun