Saitama From One Punch Man Goes Viral in Kenya

The origin of a meme that has intrigued Kenyans on social media has remained a mystery to many.

The mimi cartoon has caused a buzz online for a week now with even local brands jumping in to ride on the newest trend.

Mimi nikasema uitishe Uber nitalipa?

— GATHONI (@QueenGathoni) March 14, 2017

Where did the Meme Come From?

The cartoon in the meme is a character dubbed Saitama, a superhero in a series identified as One Punch Man. Though his original name is Caped Baldy, the cartoon prefers Saitama because he dislikes his bald head.

According to the story line, Saitama is tasked to defend a city identified as Z-City against mysterious beings, who he takes out with only one punch.

He is also an indifferent character who is totally bored with his heroic work because he seems to be defeating all the villains.

The scene which went viral is Kenya captures Saitama posing with his hand on his chest and his head angled on the side portraying the look people give when they are defending themselves.

The memes were used to mock the Jubilee administration for seemingly not fulfilling the agendas of its manifesto.

Mimi nilipromise 5 modern stadiums? Laptops and not tablets? Economy growth by double digits, employment... Mimi?#StateOfTheLies

— Kenya West© (@KinyanBoy) March 15, 2017

Others used it to criticise African leaders who have refused to retire.


— Costa's Son (@Nuwaha17) March 14, 2017

Brands took the opportunity to advertise their products and defend themselves against public perception.

Sisi? Mnasema tunakulanga bundles? Sisi?

— Safaricom Limited (@SafaricomLtd) March 14, 2017

Sisi? Tukasema m-cheki magari kwa ile site ingine? Sisi? #IKnowAGuy

— OLX Kenya (@OLXKenya) March 14, 2017

Sisi? Tukasema uchukue loan na usilipe? Sisi?

— KCB Group (@KCBGroup) March 14, 2017

Sisi,eti mlisema tunauza pasi badala ya simu,sisi?

— TECNO Mobile Kenya (@TECNOMobile254) March 14, 2017

Sisi? Tukasema tutaweka handle yako kwa box? Uko sure?

— Weetabix East Africa (@WeetabixEA) March 14, 2017

Here are other hilarious memes:

mpesa agent: "Mimi nikakwambia utoe pesa mimi?"

— Sitima (@nicksitima) March 14, 2017

Mimi? Mimi nikasema "I'll knock your socks off without, taking off your shoes?"

— DJ Joe Mfalme (@DjJoeMfalme) March 14, 2017

Mimi nikasema I will run across Tsavo nikiwa ndethe for you?

— Warî Warî (@DrKanyuira) March 14, 2017


Mimi nikasema i would catch a grenade for you! mimi?

— Musicphile (@Musembi_13) March 14, 2017