Sewage Flow into Houses Leaves Daima Imara Residents Stranded

Residents of Zanzibar Court, Daima Imara Estate in Nairobi have decried the nightmarish experience of sewage seeping into their houses, making it impossible to enjoy the warmth of their homes.

In some houses, the sewage influx has coated the floors, clogged sinks, mixed up with the water system and soaked belongings, forcing residents to move out.

The area has been having this problem every time the rainy season comes but following this year's heavy rains, the situation has become drastic.

The floods from the rains have been sweeping dirt into man holes which in turn overflow, flooding the contents into houses.

Sinks and bathroom pipes have also been rendered useless as filth now flows into rather than out of the houses.

The stench is also unbearable.

Residents who blame poor drainage system for their predicament have raised concerns over the health risks they are being exposed to in their own homes.

Here is a clip by NTV on the story: