Sonko Refutes Claims that Uhuru Kenyatta Offered Him Cabinet Position to Drop from Nairobi Race

  • By Jared Too on Friday, 21 April 2017 - 12:16pm
    Nairobi Senator and Gubernatorial aspirant Mike Sonko Facebook
  • Nairobi Senator and Gubernatorial aspirant Mike Sonko has refuted claims that he had been offered a Cabinet position by President Uhuru Kenyatta.

    In a press statement, Senator Sonko blatantly denied the claims that he was offered a Cabinet slot to withdraw his candidature for the Nairobi Governor's seat.

    “Tha I had been offered Cabinet slot to withdraw my candidature in support of another candidate is propaganda meant to portray me as disrespectful to the Head of State whom I respect so much and who is my personal friend,” said Sonko

    Sonko stated that the rumours were mere propaganda used by his opponents meant to confuse his supporters over his candidature.

    He called on his supporters to also dismiss claims that President Uhuru had endorsed any candidate for the Nairobi seat.

    “I would therefore not withdraw in favour of a candidate who is a "failure" and who would not reclaim Nairobi City County from the opposition. We can't replace Kidero with another Kidero,” added Sonko.

    The Senator expressed regret that his political opponents had resolved to invoke President Kenyatta's name for political survival.

    Sonko vowed that he and his supporters would not be intimidated by tribal leaders pretending to control Nairobi politics.

    He reiterated that he had not withdrawn from the Nairobi Gubernatorial race and assured his supporters across the 17 constituencies of Nairobi that he will be on the ballot as the Jubilee Party nominee on Monday, April 24, 2017.

    The senator assured his Jubilee Party supporters that he will overwhelmingly win in the Jubilee nominations.



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