Students 'Kidnapped' by 10 Police Officers

  • Two high school students in Wajir County were on Monday morning taken away by people said to be police officers in the middle of the night.

    The form two students who were arrested alongside their uncle, were allegedly dragged out of their home at 3am by 10 officers said to have been in their uniforms at the time.

    Siyad Dagane, who is a student at Makoror Secondary School, and his counterpart Yusuf Durrow, studying at Iftin Secondary School, were handcuffed and forcefully taken away by a group of armed policemen reported to have stormed their house while they were reading for their end of year exams.

    Their parents reported the matter to the police the same morning, but no action was taken. They later learnt that the two were not taken to any local police station, and now they are fearing for the worst.

    Dagane's mother, Markabo Abdille, said that she showed the men their proper documents, but the police still whisked her son away, the Star reports.

    Also on Monday morning, their uncle Isaack Mohamed, was taken and his whereabouts remain unknown. Wajir's Town Imam, Maalim Disow Burush, is said to have also been taken by the same group of men.

    Area police department has not issued any statement, even after Wajir West MP Abdikadir Ore blamed the police for killing innocent residents and unnecessary disappearances.

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