Sunday School Teacher Allegedly Sodomizes 15 Boys

  • A Sunday school teacher in Elburgon, Nakuru County has been accused of sexually assaulting 15 underage boys.

    The religion teacher's acts were discovered after a parent of one the victims questioned the minors when they came to pick up her son very early in the morning prompting the boys to disclose their secret.

    The 35-year-old of the PCEA church, David Mugo, was accused of defiling the boys, aged between 9-13, for the past three months - since August this year.

    It is reported that he lured them into his house by giving them treats then proceeded to strip them.

    Parents of those affected said before the disclosure that they could not question the children when they came home late.

    “When they come home around eight or nine at night and say they are from the teacher's house you cannot beat them because they are from Sunday school,” said one of the parents.

    The parents stormed the suspects home after the allegations were revealed.

    Mugo was however arrested and is being detained at the Elburgon police station.

    Medical practioners in charge of the case said that investigations were ongoing and the exact nature of the offence would be determined after complete assessment.

    Watch Video Courtesy Of Citizen TV


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