Uhuru Explains Why He At Times Insults Opposition Leaders

President Uhuru Kenyatta on Sunday finally spoke on his use of abusive language during a tour in Lowdar, where he hurled insults seemingly directed towards Turkana Governor Josphat Nanok.

Speaking in Mombasa County where he held several meetings, Mr Kenyatta told residents that he at times gets very angry at Opposition leaders who constantly propagate hate, instead of focusing on development agendas of the country.

The President mentioned that as a human being he was prone to fall into the temptation of hitting back in moments of anger.

Ndio mnaona saa zingine mimi nakasirika mimi nawaita ile nawaita halafu...kila mtu ni binadamu bana (that is why at times I get very angry and call them whatever I call them...Everybody is a human being

During his address, the Head of State took a jibe at Mombasa Governor Hassan Joho, who has severally accused his Government of neglecting the Coastal region.

Kenyatta dismissed Joho;s allegations accusing him of riding on projects launched by the national government and doing little to improve the lives of the residents.

"The other day we went to Old Town to initiate street lighting projects, together with all of them who are today insulting me, so they can have security and work late into the night. Today they say the work was done by the county government and they know who did the work.

"When we bring water, you say it is your right….Instead of wasting time disputing what Jubilee has done, explain what you have done with the Sh40 billion that Jubilee has given you to transform the lives of Mombasa residents," Kenyatta said.

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Mr Kenyatta called on politicians to focus on developing the lives of Kenyans instead of engaging in politics of incitement and insults.

He, however, noted that he was ready to take on those who were against him in equal measure.

Here is the video: