Uhuru Visits Raila's Political Backyard

  • President Uhuru Kenyatta is today expected to attend a function in the opposition leader Raila Odinga’s political backyard.

    The president will be in Kisumu to preside over the 89th edition of the Kenya national music festival winners’ concert at the local State house.

    Kenyatta’s visit to the lakeside city comes amid heightening political contention that has flared from his recent visit to Uganda.

    This week, the former Prime Minister and the Head of State faced off over sugar deals the government is accused of signing with Uganda.

    The President challenged Odinga during a meeting they were both in attendance, cautioning him ‘not to criticize the government for the sake of criticizing'.

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    The jubilee government has been accused of signing deals that are not in keeping with the public interest.

    The opposition claims that the government committed to import sugar from Uganda, however, the government has since clarified that there was no sugar deal signed between the two countries.

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