VIDEO: Businessman Loses Guns

Police have taken into custody a wealthy trader in Mombasa suspected to have been hiring out guns to criminals in the county.

Six guns belonging to Salim Ismael Abeid were on Wednesday confiscated by CID officers during his arrest, with the firearms being taken to the government armory.

Speaking at Huduma Centre in Mombasa, County Commissioner Nelson Marwa stated that all licenced gun holders misusing their weapons would have them repossessed.

He added that the government had enough machinery to offer security to its citizens and did not need any assistance from militia groups.

"We will not tolerate these individuals’ illegal activities. We will not accept militia in the city. The state has all the machinery needed to deal with them,” Marwa said.

Marwa gave a stern warning, saying that the government would not tollerate crime and that anyone found culpable, regardless of their status would be punished.

The Commissioner has been true to his word to offer equal justice to Mombasa residents.

In June, he ordered for the arrest of an officer attached to Mombasa Governor Hassan Joho's security, for roughing up a contractor of the Standard Gauge Railway in Mombasa.

He further warned security personnel attached to VIPs against harassing members of the public in the name of protecting their bosses.

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