VIDEO: FKF President Nyamweya Exposed Threatening Footballer

  • Football Federation of Kenya (FKF) President Sam Nyamweya, is on the spot after he was recorded on phone threatening one of Harambee Stars footballers, Innocent Mutiso.

    In the audio clip, a voice believed to be Nyamweya's is heard hurling threats to Mutiso, saying that he would suspend him from the team if he continued with football politics.

    “Mutiso hii mchezo ya mpira wachana I will suspend you.Wachana na mchezo ya mpira kabisa. Kuwa professional. I will suspend you na utakwisha milele. Hii mambo unajiingiza siasa, wewe unafaa kuwa neutral.Who are you in the office? We do not recognize you na hata hiyo organization yako we do not recognize you. Tumeandika barua na itakwisha kabisa." (Mutiso, you should stop football politics. You must be professional. I will suspend you and finish you completely. You are supposed to be neutral. That orgainization (referring to Kenya Football Welfare Association, KEFWA which Mutiso chairs) does not recognize you. We have written a letter to do away with it).

    Mutiso told NTV that it was not the first phone call he had received from Nyamweya, and since he was sure that he would call again he deliberately recorded him.

    The dispute between KEFWA and FKF arose after footballers through the association, held a demonstration at Wilson Airport before their trip to Cape Verde, protesting against mismanagement of funds by the federation.

    Mutiso firmly stated that despite the threats he received, KEFWA would not relent from its course. He revealed that they had planned another demonstration on Saturday 21st November, to protest the mishandling of funds.

    Nyamweya was last week grilled by the Directorate of Criminal Investigations, over the confusion that marred the national team's trip to Cape Verde for a World Cup qualifiers match.

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    Here is the full video: