VIDEO: Mombasa Bus Mysteriously Bursts into Flames

  • Passengers narrowly escaped death on Wednesday when a Mombasa-bound bus they were travelling in caught fire.

    Tahmeed bus which had deported from Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, is said to have burnt down due to friction between tyres.

    It is reported that a passenger requested the driver to stop at Komkonga to uproot some medicinal herbs when he (passenger) noticed fire on one of the tyres.

    The passenger then alerted fellow travellers who quickly moved out of the bus.

    In a video shared online, a voice of a man presumably, that of the driver is heard pleading with God to help him.

    Gari limeisha jamani mungu niskie roho yangu nitajibu nini leo jamani gari imeisha yote “Subhan Allah” Mungu niskie kwa hili niskie kwa nyingine Mungu wangu nimejaribu imeshindikana, nimejaribu kadri ya uwezo wangu kuokoa gari lakini ikashindikana.”

    “In a relative translation….The bus is completely destroyed God hear the prayers in my heart. How am I going to explain this? Glory be to God. God hear me on this, help me in other situations as well. My God, I tried but I failed, I tried to save the bus the much I could but I failed.”

    Here is the video: