Video Proves Ababu Namwamba Lied on TV

After embattled ODM Secretary General Ababu Namwamba denied knowing a city lawyer during a television interview, a video has emerged showing the contrary.

On Sunday, Namwamba stated emphatically that he did not know Edwin Sifuna, a counsel who last week declared himself the party's Secretary General owing to Namwamba's uncertain future in ODM.

"Who is Edwin Sifuna? I know no character called Edwin Sifuna," Namwamba posed.

In the undated video, Namwamba is seen showering Sifuna with praise while introducing him to an audience.

The Budalangi MP tells the gathering that Sifuna was behind the success of that day's occasion and goes ahead to mention his name severally, as the crowd repeats after him.

"#Edwin Sifuna, remember that name and keep it trending," Namwamba says.

Last week a group identifying itself as 'ODM Professionals', led by Mr Sifuna, criticised the lawmaker's leadership in the party accusing him of non-commitment to the party's  activities.

“Ababu needs to be told in clear terms that one cannot undermine a leadership that does not exist. Ababu is an absentee leader in ODM. His heart is not in it. It is time for him to leave,” Sifuna said.

A statement by ODM's Executive Director Oduor Ong’wen trashed Sifuna's declaration, stating that there was no vacancy in the party's leadership and denounced such 'reckless' sentiments by party members.

Namwamba insists that he is in ODM to stay despite saying that the party was known to have, "bad manners characterised by disrespect for the constitution and rowdiness of its supporters."

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Here is the video:

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