We Will Not Support Gay Rights, PCEA Church Warns

The Presbyterian Church of East Africa (PCEA) has come out condemning homosexuality in Kenya, vowing not to support any lobbies leaning towards for the practice.

The church has voiced its stand in the wake of a debate that has been ongoing in the country since the High Court ordered NGO s registration board to register a gay and lesbians lobby group.

Speaking Sunday, PCEA Moderator Rev Julius Guantai Mwamba said homosexuality is a threat to the family unit.

The sentiments came a day after the Inter-Religious Council of Kenya, religious scholars and some Members of Parliament held a meeting in Nairobi and demanded that US President Barrack Obama does not to lobby for the gays rights when he visits the country in July.

The religious leaders also threatened to hold nationwide demonstrations, protesting against what they termed as Obama's lobbying for gay rights in Africa.

The PCEA church has warned that it will cut links with any person or group supporting gay rights, including the American Presbyterian Church.

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