This is Why Kenyan MP Thinks the Government Should Legalize Marijuana

  • The government has been challenged to consider investing in Marijuana farming.

    Kibra Mp Ken Okoth while speaking on Citizen TV sought to give a new idea, he feels could diversify  the agricultural sector, saying that it is time the government considered growing medical quality Marijuana.

    According to the legislator the crop which is illegal in Kenya and most countries across the world has medicinal values and a ready market in the US.

    Okoth maintained that the government should grow quality marijuana also referred to as bhang, sell it legally and collect revenue through taxation.

    When challenged on the legality of the idea, the Kibra MP clarified that something can be done on the same laws, adding that tobacco which is legal in Kenya is no better than weed.

    A similar idea of cultivating marijuana  for medicinal purposes or for worldwide export to countries where the drug is legal was tabled in Zimbabwe's parliament in 2011, but was shot down by the Agriculture Minister.

    According to New Zimbabwe the idea was rejected on policy basis, which stated that the crop was prohibited in the country.

    The widespread use of the drug has forced countries like, Switzerland, Jamaica, Norway and some states in the US (Washington, Coloradoto) to allow limited use, BBC reports.

    The drug is classified dangerous with its prolonged use said to cause mental illness.

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