This is Why Obama Nude Protests Did Not Take Place

The planned nude protests against homosexuality organized by the Republican Liberty Party did not take place on Wednesday as planned, following an alleged call from State House.

Party leader Vincent Kidala says that after the call, the party decided to postpone the protests.

Speaking to The Star, Kidala claimed that the caller from State House assured him that there was no need for the controversial protests as President Uhuru Kenyatta is not planning to discuss gay rights with visiting US President Barack Obama as he (Uhuru) is against gay rights.

Kidala further alleged that an unidentified member of the national security committee also made contact with him, advising him to cancel the protests as it would be “like pushing for a terror attack”

The Republican Liberty Party had caused quite a stir, when its leader announced that 3,600 people from across the country had registered and committed to taking part in the nude demonstrations, protesting alleged push of gay agenda by Obama.

They gave the reason for marching naked as “showing Obama the differences between a man and a woman”

The party's protests were planned after the US Supreme Court legalized gay marriage in all 50 states.

Kidala was however quick to clarify that the protests have not been canceled- just postponed.

He said that the protesters would be on standby- all eyes and ears and that if Obama addresses the gay rights issue at any point in his three-day stay in Kenya; they will indeed march naked.

No reports has been given by State House, however, and as such, the validity of the claims cannot be ascertained.


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