President Uhuru Kenyatta Honours Veteran Actors from the Vitimbi Crew on Labour Day

President Uhuru Kenyatta treated the cast of the famed Vitimbi television drama to a rare lunch meeting at the Sarova Stanley Hotel after Labour Day celebrations at Uhuru Park.

The group was privileged to have the meeting with President Uhuru shortly after he had his meal at the first floor of the hotel while dignitaries who accompanied him were ushered to the balcony of the fifth floor for their lunch.

In a short acknowledgement of the meeting, the President shook hands with them and promised to follow up their discussions with a subsequent meeting to have the issues they presented addressed.

"Tumekubaliana (we’ve agreed)," the President confirmed as he left the premises.

The actors affirmed the President's remarks and proceeded to chant "Uhuru tena", endorsing his re-election bid.

The group is known for it's drama series that has aired on Kenya Broadcasting Corporation (KBC)since time in memorial and their short skits during national public holidays from former President Daniel Moi’s time.

They have been agitating for greater honour to veteran artistes like themselves since the death of lead actor Benjamin Wanjau alias "Mzee Ojwang'".

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