Brian Ole Karbolo

Brian is a nurse at the Garissa Referral Hospital.

He is a medical practitioner who values humanity. He has cultivated a name for himself for always going the extra mile to help patients including thinking of innovative ways to help those who live in far-flung areas.

Ole Karbolo is also a specialist in wound care which means he has been able to give specialised medical care to patients in need of urgent attention.

Brian studied at the Kenya Medical Training College (KMTC) in Garissa County before eventually getting employed as a nurse.

In 2022 Brian won the Rising Star in Wound Care Award, an International award highlighting his remarkable accomplishment as a specialist in the medical sub-field.

“Brian was the clear winner in this category, we loved that he was the ‘go-to person’. He demonstrates innovative practice and a strong focus on home care for his patients,” read part of a statement by Activheal Academy, the body that organised the award.

“He is forward-looking with his work with the interdisciplinary team and the personal recommendation from his nominator - "I’d recommend him any day, any time"