Crazy Kennar

Kennedy Odhiambo, widely known as Crazy Kennar, is arguably the best digital comedy content creator in Kenya. 

His influence extends to every corner of the country, resonating with audiences of all ages, including children, attesting to his unparalleled prowess in the craft.

During the year, Kennar faced a setback when he fell out with his close friends and collaborators in the content creation sphere. 

This led him to prioritise his mental health, prompting a temporary hiatus from content creation. 

However, the hiatus served as a period of introspection and rejuvenation for Kennar. In a remarkable comeback, he returned with a fresh perspective and a slew of innovative ideas. 

His subsequent skits became some of the most memorable pieces of content produced during the year. 

Like a phoenix rising from the ashes, Kennar not only recovered but emerged stronger.

Kennar's Tales of Crazy Kennar Show stands as one of Kenya's most-watched content series. 

Yet, Kennar's journey to the summit of Kenyan content creation was not originally mapped out in his early days. 

During his time at the Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology (JKUAT), where he pursued Actuarial Science, Kennar's initial vision was to craft content of exceptional quality that resonated with audiences.

While at university, he founded The Crazy Kennar Company, a platform dedicated to producing content that vividly portrayed the challenges and daily lives of ordinary Kenyans.

Beyond entertainment, Kennar utilized this platform to shed light on crucial societal issues, notably raising awareness about mental health problems, particularly among young men.

Kennar is set to close the year on a high note by hosting a mega live show in December.