Francis Amonde

At just 30 years old, Francis Amonde has managed to keep hundreds of learners in school even as the country wages the worst drought in decades.

His idea to start Cup of Uji, an initiative aimed at supplying flour to schools from low income areas, kicked off in 2011 after he noted that some pupils attended school on an empty stomach.

Through donations, he sends the flour on a regular basis and attracted the attention of former President Uhuru Kenyatta who supplemented his efforts.

Some of the schools that benefited from the programme include Nyatwere Primary School, Kasimba Primary School in Oyugis Homa Bay County, Makindi Primary and Kositot Primary School in West Pokot and Balozi School among others.

Amonde is a teacher by profession and worked at Nyali Integrated Academy in Mombasa, teaching I. C. T, English and History to Year 9,10 and 11 students. 

He also dipped his toes in journalism as a volunteer editor for Miracle Magazine and worked as a facilitator with Lifeskill Promoters Kenya.