James Smart

James Smart is the Managing Editor, Newsroom Production and Podcast Editor at the Nation Media Group (NMG).

Besides these positions, Smart is also a senior NTV news anchor and hosts With All Due Respect, one of the top political talk shows in the country renowned for cutting-edge conversations with newsmakers. 

The journalist, however, is cut from a different cloth and has not shied away from voicing his opposition to some policies introduced by the government which has been questioned by observers who maintain that media personalities should remain neutral. 

Smart is also credited with being the brains behind The Trend, which is arguably the biggest entertainment magazine show in the country.

At the Twin Towers, he has also been at the centre of some top news productions such as the top crime podcast series 'Case Number Zero', which investigated the disappearance of a former journalist in Kenya. The work went on to garner over 1 million listens. 

Other notable projects he was involved in include;  A Country of Gamblers which examined the effects of gambling in Kenya and Paradise Lost which highlighted the struggles of a former TV personality. 

In October 2023, he was named by Cardiff University among 30 of the institution’s alumni creating a positive impact through the media.