John Chweya

John Chweya is an environmental champion and an advocate for waste picking.

He currently serves as the president of the Kenya National Waste Pickers Association, which has over 30,000 members across the nation.

Chweya has been playing a crucial role in sensitising people on environmental conservation, having grown in the informal areas where most dumpsites are located.

Through this, he has fronted many campaigns for fairness, recognition, good working conditions, and social protection for waste pickers.

He is a big advocate of good waste management and environmental conservation through garbage collection activities.

Chweya’s advocacy for waste pickers' rights has earned admiration as his organisation has kept growing in membership.

This has led to him being noticed by global bodies which has seen him attend world forums including some hosted by the United Nations to represent the interests of waste pickers.

His efforts also landed him a spot on the prestigious TIME100 list which honoured him for showcasing leadership and transformative ideas. 

John Chweya stands out as his overall efforts have impacted the world’s view and sparked conversation on the importance of waste pickers in society.