Lynn Ngugi

Few Kenyan journalists embody the concept of being self-made as effectively as Lynn Ngugi.

Lynn distinguishes herself through her accomplishments, remarkable growth, and the adept construction of a media brand centred around her name.

Her self-titled show on YouTube serves as a testament to her success, focusing on human interest and societal issues. 

The platform has morphed into one of the most popular channels, boasting a loyal fanbase that continues to expand daily.

The former Tuko journalist who decided to venture out independently has seen her work noticed internationally. 

In June this year, she received three awards. 

These include; Best International Media Personality of the Year (BEFFTA), the Global Humanitarian Award from the Pauline Long Entrepreneurship Foundation (PLEF), and the Gender Justice Champion Award presented by Echo Network Africa. 

Her rise to the top, however, was far from a walk in the park. 

The journalist had previously undergone rigorous labour in Qatar, where she worked as a barrister at a restaurant.

Back in Kenya, Ngugi sold clothes on the streets of Nairobi before eventually pursuing a career in broadcast journalism at the East African School of Media Studies.

Her childhood was also marked by challenges, with her father periodically displaying abusive behaviour towards her mother. Nevertheless, she refused to let her difficult past hinder her from achieving her dreams.

“I am living the life I wanted now. But it has taken longer to get this clarity,’’ she revealed in a previous interview indicating that her life experiences influenced her to start her own media house, The Lynn Ngugi Network.