Raphael Munavu

Professor Munavu is an experienced professional with a career spanning 35 years in the education sector and public service.

He is, however, most popular for having been appointed the Chairperson of the Presidential Working Party of Education Reforms by President William Ruto in September 2022.

The task force submitted its recommendations to the Head of State in August 2023 putting Prof. Munavu on the cusp of changing the course of the Kenyan education system forever. 

The report fronted several far-reaching proposals such as abolishment of school categorisation and reducing the workload on Kenyan pupils and students among other key propositions.

As it stands, all that is left is for the government to implement the recommendations geared at streamlining the education system.

Besides leading the education reforms task force, Prof Munavu also holds some high-profile positions.

He is the Chairperson of the Konza Technopolis Development Authority Board tasked with overseeing development projects.

He is also the commissioner of the National Commission For Science, Technology & Innovation NACOSTI.

Prof. Munavu is also a former Professor in the Department of Chemistry at the University of Nairobi (UoN).

He served as the Chairman of the Kenya National Examinations Council (KNEC) between 2000-2010.

The educationist has an illustrious career serving in different roles in various universities including UoN, Laikipia College, Egerton University, and Moi University.

He has spearheaded various programmes including student programmes at  Moi University

He is accomplished in higher education having published over 90 fully commissioned research papers based on his knowledge of Chemistry, Science, Technology, and socioeconomic development.

For his exemplary contribution to the education sector and public service, he has been conferred with various honours including the Order of the Grand Warrious OGW, Elder of the Burning Spear, and several honorary doctorates in various universities.