Sueh Owino

For avid social media users, Sueh Owino needs no introduction.

The TikTok sensation has taken the internet by storm for her culinary talents and unparalleled willingness to go the extra mile to create unique food content.

When she was starting, she garnered attention for her dedication to making tasty meals for her husband and preparing him for work on a daily basis.

However, she has since varied her content and with that, the views keep coming in fast.  

For instance, during the year, one of her videos where she participated in a 29-hour challenge to prepare a meal for her husband and family gained significant traction.

What stood out most about the video is that while most internet chefs use modern methods to prepare meals, Sueh went for the unconventional, using an outdoor pit barbecue which was widely used during the ancient times, to prepare a goat leg.

This earned her praises over the lengths she goes to cook for her family. It also sparked conversations that centred around submission in marriage. 

Owino has worked with notable brands and gained adulation from Kenyans across the board. 

Aside from content creation, she also ventures in duck farming, selling her personal line of cooking utensils and offering meal plans at a fee.