Zipporah Nderitu

Zipporah Nderitu burst into the limelight in September 2023, after she won an international award for protecting women against violence. 

Nderitu who is a Senior Superintendent of Police and Police Advisor to the International Peace Support Training Center (IPSTC), has been at the forefront of fighting against sexual-gender-based violence in Kenya. 

In a ceremony held in Auckland, New Zealand, Nderitu became the first Kenyan to receive the distinguished award. 

“She is a beacon of hope to those who have gone through sexual gender-based violence cases, and the Centre will continue to support her and her endeavours,” IPSTC commended during the award ceremony. 

While receiving the award, Nderitu remarked that she dedicated the win to victims of sexual violence. 

She regretted that the victims often suffer emotional, social, and psychological indignity as well as evasive justice.

“My zeal is now scaled up. I am now motivated to offer priceless dignified service to victims of SGBV not just in Kenya, but globally,” she stated.