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NAMES: Morris Githinji a.k.a ALA-C GENDER: Male AGE: 24 BIRTHDAY: July 11th SIGN: Cancer BIRTH PLACE: Murang'a,Kenya STAGE NAME: Ala-C JOB: singer/song writer/model >Entertainer! GENRE: Genge rnb RECORD LABEL: Calif Records BASE: Nairobi, Kenya BACKGROUND INFO; Born 22yrs ago and raised in Murang’a district. Went to school in Kaganjo primary schools and Kiaguthu boys high school. MUSIC JOURNEY; Started singing at an early age in Sunday school & high school. My passion for music grew as the head of music in Christian union, school choir and Murang’a district schools’ joint choir. After high school I joined Calif records in the year 2009 to pursue my musical career .In the same year I met Clemo who invested his time in helping me exploit my talent in music. A year later I got a chance to be signed in the music stable.To me that was a dream came true. INTERESTS/ACTIVITIES; 1. Playing guitar. 2. Swimming. 3. Listening to music CHALLENGES; My challenges came at the early stages of my music career the main one being finance since recording a single was quite expensive especially for me as an upcoming artist. Another challenge was getting airplay since I didn’t know anyone in the media. ROLE MODELS & INSPIRATION I look up to artists like; Michael Jackson ,Ne-yo, R.Kelly & locally Jua Cali who is also my mentor. My inspiration comes from normal events like love, friendship, heart break & life struggles. DISCOGRAPHY; 1. KUWA NA WEWE featuring Kendi. 2. BARUA featuring Kendi. 3. WALKING CLASS 4. WALKING CLASS (REMIX) featuring NONINI also has featured on 1.SIKU YANGU (K-soja featuring Ala C) 2.Ndio mimi (Jimw@t featuring Ala C) 3. Tujirushe (Love-E Mgenge featuring Ala-C) ASPIRATIONS; To be a legend & an icon in the music industry both locally & internationally.

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