Ministry of Finance & National Treasury

The stability of the countrys economy for sustainable development is anchored on the pillar of a stable macroeconomic framework. The National treasury will therefore be responsible for developing and managing the macroeconomic policies of the country. This ministry will also be responsible for supervision and monitoring of the constitutional, legal and responsible management of the economy and public financial operations.

The National Treasury will also be responsible for providing oversight of all financial institutions including Cooperatives and Saccos dealing with financial functions. 

Other Key Officers: 

Director of Administration
Mrs. Margaret Muiru



  • Anti-Money Laundering
  • Bilateral and Multilateral Financial Relations
  • Competition Policy Management
  • Custodian of National Government Assets and Property
  • Design and Prescription of National and County Government Financial Management System and Standards
  • Development of Kenya as an International Finance Centre
  • Economic Policy Analysis and Management
  • Financial and Economic Affairs
  • Financial Institutions Oversight
  • Financial Sector Analysis and Management
  • Insurance Policy and Regulation
  • Management of Public Procurement and Disposal
  • National Employment Policy Management
  • National Pensions Policy Management
  • Preparation of National Budget and Management of Governments Finances
  • Promotion of Economic and Financial Governance
  • Public Debt Management
  • Public Finance Management
  • Public Investment Policy Management
  • Public Investments Oversight
  • Public Resources Mobilization


The National Treasury, 
Treasury Building, Harambee Avenue,
P. O. Box 30007,
Nairobi, Kenya
Telephone: Tel. +254 20 2252299

+254 20 2252299
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