10 Things Prisca Chemutai Bett Has Demanded From DP Ruto

A woman who has sued Deputy President (DP) William Ruto accusing him of child neglect has presented a list of things which she says the DP should be compelled to pay for.

In the lawsuit filed by Prisca Chemutai Bett at the Nairobi Children Court, the defendant has demanded:

1. Food at a cost of Sh30,000 per month

2. Shelter of Sh80,000 per month

3. Clothing of Sh20,000 per year

4. Toiletries of 3,500 per month

5. House help at Sh15,000 per month

6. Adequate medical cover

7. School fees in a school that reflects upon the defendant’s status as the Deputy President.

8. A quality vehicle to enable her to pick and drop the minor to school and other places she might need to go.

9. Provision of security personnel to protect the minor.

10. Costs of the suit

The complainant being represented by veteran lawyer Gitobu Imanyara presented the case under Certificate of Urgency seeking that it be heard expeditiously.

Ms Bett claimed that the DP had “failed/refused/neglected to provide the minor with adequate and-or basic necessities such as good health, food, school fees, decent clothing, shelter and medication.”

In her sworn affidavit seen by Kenyans.co.ke, she revealed that in 2005, she was involved in a romantic affair with Ruto while she was a student at Moi University.

She claimed that after the child was born, Ruto took care of her but the support stopped after Ruto became the Deputy President.

She added that the DP would occasionally send Sh35,000 through a messenger, money she mostly received only whenever she threatened to sue.

In a rejoinder, Ruto, however, refuted the claims that he had neglected the 11-year old he sired with the plaintiff.

Through his Twitter account, the DP stated: “My 11-year-old child Abby is well catered for including her education in private boarding school. Politicians & Busybodies should keep off.”