Bus From Nairobi to Bungoma Attacked, Passengers Robbed

A bus stage in Kenya.
A bus stage in Kenya.
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The driver of a long-distance bus traveling to Western Kenya sustained injuries after armed robbers attacked its passengers.

A parent whose son was travelling back to school told Kenyans.co.ke that the incident occurred along Nakuru-Nairobi Highway at Limuru on Tuesday night.

The bus departed Nairobi at around 9 pm and was destined for Kimilili when the incident happened forcing the driver to flee.

According to the parent, the robbers were travelling in a car ahead of the bus which was used to obstruct before the thugs reportedly smashed the windscreen forcing the driver to stop.

A hand holding a knife
A hand holding a knife.

The robbers then attacked the driver first forcing him to flee with injuries before turning on the passengers and stealing their valuables.

"Two robbers were armed with knives and a taser. They beat passengers demanding phones money and other valuables," the parents stated.

"Luckily he (the son) was seated at the back so the robbers didn't reach or probably they saw him in uniform and assumed he had nothing."

He further noted that the driver only returned after police arrived at the scene at Mango Swamp in Limuru before a replacement bus was later provided for the passengers to proceed with their journey.

Kenyans.co.ke efforts to reach the management of the bus company were futile since two of its customer service contacts were out of service while a third was not answered.

In March this year, a report by the National Crime Research Centre (NCRC) showed that half of Kenya's 55 million population were victims of crime.

Robberies were ranked the highest type of crime with housebreaking accounting for the highest cases at 28.5% followed by general stealing (26.6%), and theft of stock (20.7%).

Others were burglary (12.9%), stealing from a person (16.6%) stealing from a building (12.8%), robbery with violence (9.8%) and theft of farm produce (4.3%).

"The main victims of crimes in the localities covered were women(77.4%), men(57.3%), youths(36.1%), elderly persons(26.5%), and children(20.0%)," read the report in part.

A picture of a mugging incident.
A picture of a mugging incident.
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