Kiambu Governor Kimani Wamatangi Narrates Narrow Escape from Assassination Plot

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Kiambu Governor, Kimani Wamatangi has narrated that he narrowly escaped an assassination plot in Thika on Friday evening.

Wamatangi alleged that he was the target of a shooting incident that occurred during a chaotic market opening ceremony in Kamenu ward.

He explained that the assassination plot had been in place as the perpetrators believed he would be in attendance at the event.

Wamatangi further linked the chaos to previous verbal attacks on his leadership stating that there were plans to oust him.

Governor Wamatangi
Governor Kimani Wamatangi giving a speech during the launch of ‘Maziwa Fresh na Wamatangi’ on March 15.
Governor Wamatangi

“I know all those things that have been done, have been targeting me. I know they had come ready thinking that I would be at Kiganjo, stated Wamatangi.

The shooting ensued when two political rival groups clashed, allegedly over the allocation of market stalls in the proposed market site.

Police reported that it was suspected that one of the MPs shot at the crowd indiscriminately after protests erupted.

During the incident at the site in Kamenu ward, a 26-year-old man was shot dead while another was seriously injured by a bullet that lodged in his chest.

In attendance during the event were four Members of Parliament, MP Alice Ng'ang'a who had led other MPs including Ichung’wa (Kikuyu), Gabriel Kagombe (Gatundu South), Elijah Njoroge (Gatundu North) and Ngoliba Ward MCA Joachim Njama in launching the market.

However, after the incident, Kagombe implied that the Governor had hired goons to disrupt the event in which he was injured.

“It is extremely sad that an elected governor can use an MCA to send goons to attack members of parliament on duty bringing development to the people of Kiambu. It is even worse that in the ensuing altercation, I and other residents were injured,” stated Kagombe.

Following the incident, a probe has been initiated into the chaos and all the MPs and bodyguards present have since been ordered all in attendance to submit their firearms for ballistic analysis.  

Traders at Gatukuyu Market in Kiambu County chasing away contractors sent to refurbish market on February 10, 2024
Traders at Gatukuyu Market in Kiambu County chasing away contractors sent to refurbish market on February 10, 2024
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