Kenya Red Cross Denies Assisting in Evacuating MPs

Cars branded by Kenya Red Cross logo
Emergency service providers, Kenya Red Cross, parades its vehicles ahead of a mission

The Kenya Red Cross Society has denied aiding the evacuation of members of parliament from the parliament buildings on Tuesday evening.

In a statement, the Red Cross stated that they had taken no part in ferrying the legislators through their ambulances.

“We have no contact or role in transporting persons other than the injured. The rumours must stop.”

The humanitarian body further stated that their staff and volunteers had also been injured in the chaos that ensued later in the afternoon.

Kenyan protesters making way into Parliament.
Kenyan protesters making way into Parliament.

“We can't provide life-saving interventions without access and safety for our staff and volunteers, stated the Red Cross.

They further argued that the organisation's staff and vehicles had been targeted in the protests equally bearing the brunt of the day’s events.

“It is quite unfair that we are being accused of whisking members of parliament while our staff and volunteers put their lives in danger to provide critical medical care to those in need,” stated the Red Cross.

In a drastic twist of events, a medical camp where the Red Cross and volunteer doctors had pitched tent was allegedly attacked.

According to videos seen by the injured protestors requested the police not to  disrupt the medical camp.

The events took place after a section of protestors gained access to parliament forcing the MPS to scamper for safety.

Additionally, a section of parliament buildings caught fire with the cause yet to be ascertained.

However, despite the situation being contained several individuals were shot at losing their  lives while scores were injured in the protests. 

A screengrab of parliament building on fire
A screengrab of parliament building on fire
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