Kenya's Most Wanted Gangsters

Kenyans have in the past week been fascinated by the killing of 'Nairobi's prettiest thug' Claire Njoki Kobia, who was gunned down alongside her four accomplices in Kayole, Nairobi.

Kenyan history is, however, rich with other gangsters who made headlines for the wrong reasons. They include:

Edward Shimoli alias The Jackal

He was among the most dreaded gangsters accused of over 80 criminal activities, 14 murders, rape and robbery with violence.

His colleagues in 1996 reportedly went gun blazing at Kamiti Maximum to free the gangster.

Shimoli was hanged at the facility bringing an end to an era of more than one decade under the Jackal.

John Kiriamiti

If you have not read the spicy novel My life in crime and other sequels then you have missed out on the life of the most-wanted bank robber of all time in Kenya.

The infamous gangster terrorised Kenyan banks in the 60s with an aura of invincibility and bravado that defied all odds before he was jailed for 20 years in 1971.

He was acquitted 13 years later and went to become a prolific author.

Gerald Wambugu alias Wanugu

Wanugu was one of Kenya’s most profiled robbers and tops the list of the most elusive gangsters who gave the Flying Squad sleepless nights in the 80’s.

He was feared both for his ready to kill stance and guts to rob banks in broad daylight.

He was however felled under a hail of bullets in 1996.

Bernard Matheri alias Rasta

Matheri was loathed and feared like his predecessor Wanugu but he was recognised as one of the best schemers of the gangsters who were wanted by the police in the 90s

He reportedly did due diligence before committing crimes or paid his way handsomely for information and release.

The gangster excited wild fantasies after reports emerged that he at one time gave his new girlfriend an AK47 as a gift because chocolate and flowers were too common.

That was the life of Rasta, before he was gunned down on June 27, 1996, in Nakuru’s Kabatini Shopping Centre.

Editor's Note: This article is not meant to glorify crime in any way. It sets to highlight the facts in history. Crime does not pay.

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