Emurua Dikirr MP Johana Ng'eno Asks Rachel Ruto to Divorce DP William Ruto

  • Johana Ng'eno, Emurua Dikirr Member of Parliament, has advised Rachel Ruto to leave her husband, Deputy President William Ruto because he is a stumbling block to her spiritual growth due to his many sins.

    A visibly angered Ng'eno further stated that Ruto might drive his wife crazy due to his stubborn nature.

    He was addressing residents in Narok County where he asked DP Ruto to take love to his wife and not to the residents of Narok.

    "Tell William Ruto to take his love to his wife, we do not need him to love us, we Narok residents have God who loves us and takes care of us," he stated.

    The KANU MP claimed that Ruto had been putting his wife Rachel through hell by sinning every time she prays for him.

    "The other day your wife Rachael was praying in churches kneeling down asking that you be forgiven.

    "She prays today, tomorrow you are sinning..why can't you sympathise with her," added the MP. 

    The legislator went ahead to suggest to Rachel that she divorces her husband for now and get back to him after the elections.

    "I had written an SMS to Rachael telling her you better leave your husband now until elections are over because he will take you to hell," he added amidst cheers from the crowd. 

    DP Ruto has often urged Narok residents to vote out Ng'eno in the elections and this may be the source of bile between the two.