Lunga Lunga MP Khatib Mwashetani Uses Raila's "UlizeniMwashetani" Slogan to Campaign

  • Lunga Lunga Member of Parliament Khatib Mwashetani is now using NASA flag bearer Raila Odinga’s words to gain popularity during his campaigns.

    The Jubilee MP branded his campaign merchandise to include the ‘Ulizeni Mwashetani’ (Ask Mwashetani) slogan which was coined by the former Prime Minister.

    Raila used the phrase during a funeral in February to chastise Mwashetani after he and other leaders in Kwale ditched the NASA team to join President Uhuru Kenyatta.

    "They promised laptops. Are they in schools? Ulizeni Mwashetani. They promised 10,000 KMs of roads. Have they done that? Ulizeni Mwashetani," Odinga amid applause.

    During the funeral ceremony, Mwashetani was booed while he was reading the president’s condolence message.

    The rebel MP has, however, decided to use Raila’s words for his campaign under the hashtag #UlizeniMwashetani.

    He christened his campaign vehicles with the hashtag which he stated would be used to engage residents on development issues in the constituency.

    "Whatever they were asking has been answered and that is why 'Ulizeni Mwashetani' is very important for my campaign," he explained.

    Area CDF chair Abuu Manyenze reiterated by saying they would use the slogan to answer issues on projects including roads and schools.

    [caption caption="Mwashetani's Campaign vehicle"][/caption]