New Report Reveals Kenya's August Election Will be Second Most Expensive in the World

  • By Michael Musyoka on Monday, 17 July 2017 - 12:41pm
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  • The upcoming August General Election will cost the Kenyan taxpayer a whopping Sh49.9 Billion ($499 million) making it the second most expensive poll in the world, a new report has revealed.

    According to the Pre-election Economic and Fiscal Report released last week, direct election expenses would account for Sh33.3 Billion while Sh16.6 Billion would be used to cater for indirect expenses. 

    Compared to other elections held in the country, the average cost for the August 8 poll reflects an increase of more than half on the 2013 elections and is a quarter more expensive than in 2007.

    Of the Sh49.9 Billion budget, Sh42.9 Billion will go to the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC), with the rest being distributed to the Judiciary, the National Intelligence Service and the Registrar of Political Parties.

    Sh5.3 Billion, which is 0.106% of the total sum, had been set to cater election-related security operations that included funding the intelligence service in 23 counties.

    With the second biggest slice is the State Department of Interior which will receive Sh3.8 Billion that is expected to be shared by the police department for allowances and food expenses.

    Sh1.5 Billion has been disbursed to the Kenya Defence Forces to ensure the security of the country’s borders, especially in Lamu, Wajir, and Mandera.

    Due to cases that may arise for the elections, the Judiciary received Sh227 Million and Sh384 Million was allocated to the office of the President for the assumption of power by the president-elect.

    Finally, Sh 550 Million has also been allocated to intelligence agents to support security operations.

    The Sh49.9 Billion budget, which translates to $25.4 for each of the 19.6 million registered voters, place the Kenyan election at the apex of spending on elections in the world, behind only Papua New Guinea at who cost per voter is $63.

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