Israelis Gad Zeevi and Vaizman Aharoni Suspected of Making the Late Nicholas Biwott Live in Fear

  • By Miriam Musyoki on Monday, 17 July 2017 - 1:48pm
    terrible two
    Former Cabinet Minister, the Late Nicholas Biwott courtesy
  • Former Energy Minister and Keiyo South Member of Parliament Nicholas Biwott was said to have led a life of paranoia as he feared that his life was in danger.

    The former minister is said to have had peculiar mannerisms of changing cars he was travelling in at the next bend, never ordering his own food when he ate out and always thinking that somebody was after him.

    It is suspected that the late Kenyan politician was evading two Israeli men  — Mr Gad Zeevi and Mr Vaizman Aharoni  —  who were linked to the lethal spy agency, Mossad.

    Mr Biwott is said to have swindled the two men of ownership in multi-billion shilling companies that they jointly owned.

    Mr Aharoni had stakes in Lima Limited, a company started in 1975 by Mr Biwott and the then Vice President of Kenya Daniel Toroitich arap Moi.

    Aharoni was at the time an engineer working for Solel Boneh Construction company and would later join Gad Zeevis HZ Construction Company which was owned by Mr Zeevi.

    Gad Zeevi was a close friend of a famous British-born Israeli spymaster David Kimche while Solel Boneh, the company that employed Aharoni, was a well-known legal cover for the Mossad spy agency.

    The two men are credited with having made Mr Biwott wealthy as their companies quickly rose to be the chief contractors for all government projects in the Nyayo era.

    The former minister and Zeevi would further partner in the oil business after Biwott was appointed to the Ministry of Energy.

    Zeevi set up Paz, Israel’s largest oil marketing company, in his home country which saw him purchase the interests of US Mobil oil company in Kenya and renamed it Kobil which angered the US multinational.

    The Nation reports that: "In 1990, as the country was going through the Goldenberg theft and pressure for pluralism, Mr Biwott managed to snatch the investments that they co-owned."

    Mr Zeevi would then return to his homeland leaving Mr Biwott to live in fear that his wealth and worse still, his life, would be taken away by the spy affiliates.   ©   2018   All Rights Reserved