'Githeri Man' Martin Kamotho Found in Kayole

  • The identity of the now famous "Githeri Man" has been revealed.

    The man who became an online sensation on the voting day after he was photographed queuing to vote with his mixture of maize and bean (Githeri), known Martin Kamotho.

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    41-year-old Kamotho is a resident of Kayole in Nairobi County.

    Mr Kamotho works as a cleaner in the Nairobi County Government and is married with one daughter.

    Speaking to a local daily, the 41-year old explained that he was hungry while he was in the voting queue, hence, he rushed to a local joint to buy the 'githeri.'

    He added that we went back to the queue with his meal and ate it while waiting to vote because he didn't want to lose his place in line.