NTSA Launches New Digital License to Improve System

Kenyan motorists will now be required to pay Sh700 for a digitized license ticket that has been launched by the National Transport Safety Authority (NTSA) to improve their tracking system.

The recently introduced electronic chip has several built-in features which will protect against forgery, allow reading distances of more than six metres and it will be valid for up to 10 years.

In a notice dated August 21, NTSA Director General Francis Meja stated that drivers will make payment for the new chip from October 1.

Meja noted that the new system will not depend on traffic officers to be on the ground as drivers can be tracked from any other place.

"We are preparing the ground for a radical change in the way enforcement is carried out in this country," he stated.

Details which will be included in the electronic chip are the vehicle's registration and ownership, tax and insurance validation and other compliance and legal requirements.

The director general also mentioned that all vehicles will have to be inspected before the drivers are issued the license.

Renewal and damage of the electronic chip will cost the drivers an additional Sh700.

The use of the electronic chip is one of the measures NTSA is putting in place to ensure that the transport system in Kenya is improved.

A week ago, NTSA Director General announced that the body will also introduce its latest and advanced alcoblow gadgets to curb drunk driving.


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