Chief Justice David Maraga Exposes What IG Boinnet Has Done

  • Chief Justice David Maraga has today called out the police, and specifically the Inspector General of Police Joseph Boinnet for ignoring calls to ensure the safety of Judicial officers.

    In a press briefing at the Supreme Court on Tuesday afternoon, the Chief Justice stated: "The Judicial Service Commission notes with dismay that the Inspector General of police who is expected to provide security to all government facilities has repeatedly ignored calls to act exposing judicial officers and litigants to danger."

    He went on to cite an incident in Kirinyaga County yesterday where Nark-Kenya party leader Martha Karua was blocked by demonstrators from accessing the Kerugoya Law Courts. He noted that the incident was intimidating of petitioners.

    Justice Maraga stated that the attacks were worrying considering that judges across the country were about to start hearing a record 339 electoral petitions filed in various courts across the country.

    “Individual judges, particularly of the Supreme Court, as well as other judicial officers and staff, have been attacked, threatened and negatively profiled on social media.  Senior political leaders have also threatened the Judiciary promising ‘to cut it down to size’ and ‘teach us a lesson,” Justice Maraga stated.

    The Chief Justice declared that if anything happens to judicial officers or their loved ones, those making inciting statements will be held personally responsible.

    Demonstrators in support of Jubilee Presidential Candidate Uhuru Kenyatta today staged protests outside the Supreme Court demanding a recount of the votes for the August 8 election.

    Justice Maraga stated that the demonstrations were the culmination of  'savage' attacks on the Judiciary.

    The Supreme Court is set to deliver a full ruling on the nullification of President Uhuru's win tomorrow at 10 am.

    The ruling is expected to shape the planning of the fresh polls as it will determine who was responsible for the irregularities that led the court to nullify the election on September 1st.

    The Chief Justice declared that the Supreme Court cannot and will not guarantee an outcome for any individual.

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