Chief Justice David Maraga Dares Uhuru's Jubilee Team

  • Chief Justice David Maraga has dared Jubilee to disband the Judiciary following their persistent attacks on the Supreme Court judges after their decision to nullify President Uhuru Kenyatta's win.

    Addressing the media outside the Supreme Court on Tuesday afternoon, CJ Maraga stated that the demonstrations by Jubilee supporters outside the Courts were meant to intimidate the judges. 

    "If people are tired of an independent Judiciary, call a referendum and disband it all together," he proclaimed.

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    He added that petitioners had also been threatened for exercising their constitutional rights to challenge victories in the August 8 polls.

    "Martha Karua was blocked from a court in Kirinyaga. This amounts to intimidation of petitioners," he stated.

    He urged Kenyans to defend the independence of the Judiciary against those looking to oppress it.

    "We call upon all Kenyans of goodwill to turn out and defend the independence of the Judiciary," he maintained.

    Political leaders specifically those from the ruling Jubilee Party have been on an onslaught against the Judiciary following the nullification of President Kenyatta's win.

    Uhuru has himself lamented that the Maraga-led court robbed him of his victory in the August poll. The Head of State even threatened to 'fix' the highest court in the land if re-elected in October.

    “The Supreme Court sat and decided that they are the ones with a bigger power than the 15 million Kenyans who woke up, queued in lines, and voted for their preferred presidential candidate. As a Supreme Court, they cannot annul the wishes of the people. And we will revisit this thing.

    “We shall revisit this thing. We clearly have a problem. Who even elected you? We have a problem and we must fix it (Supreme Court),” Uhuru stated during a meeting of Jubilee MCAs and Governors at State House on September 1st.

    Other Jubilee legislators have also gone on record threatening to introduce motions to limit the Supreme Court's powers.