Leaked Photos Showing Kenya's New Currency Without Kenyatta, Moi Faces

  • Images of the new-look currency meant to replace the notes currently in circulation have surfaced online.

    Activist Okiya Omtatah had on Thursday September 14th written to the Central Bank of Kenya demanding that the CBK Governor Patrick Njoroge issue timelines for the withdrawal of all currency in circulation.

    Omtatah stated that after expiry of a seven-day ultimatum he issued Dr Njoroge, he would be instituting legal action against the Central Bank.

    Mr Njoroge at a Press Conference on Tuesday had stated: "We are in the process of having the new generation currency, but in accordance with the constitution."

    Mr Omtatah dismissed the Governor's response and stated that there were political efforts being made to frustrate the phasing-out of the new currency.

    The outspoken human rights activist accused the Central Bank of "working to protect the Kenyatta Hegemony".

    Article 231(4) of the 2010 Constitution outlawed currency bearing portraits and images of individuals. 

    The currency in circulation at the moment, however, still features the portraits of former Presidents Jomo Kenyatta, Daniel Moi and Mwai Kibaki. The new look currency, whose approved designs Mr Omtatah had claimed to have, feature a bufallo, leopard, rhino, lion and elephant  on the Sh50, 100, 200, 500 and 1000 notes respectively.

    On Wednesday morning, unconfirmed reports appeared online claiming that the Central bank had agreed to issue timelines for the roll-out of the new currency to avoid legal action.

    However, when Kenyans.co.ke contacted Mr Omtatah to establish whether he had received an official response he stated: "They have not reached out to me with an official response. I will be heading to court if they don't issue the timelines."

    Here are images of the new-look currency: