12 Voters File New Court Case Against NASA

  • A new petition is before the High Court seeking to have the National Super Alliance (NASA) barred from taking any action against the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC).

    A group of 12 residents from Nakuru County are seeking a court injunction against the Opposition leaders who have vocalised calls for criminal litigation against some of the IEBC officials.

    They want the NASA leaders restrained from interfering with the operations of the electoral body as they plan to conduct a fresh presidential poll on October 17.

    The petitioners have accused the NASA leaders of conspiring with IEBC Chairman Wafula Chebukati to tamper with the fresh poll through the formation a special project team which, in their view, is illegal.

    "IEBC is the only body mandated to conduct the fresh poll. It must be carried out by the commissioners who have been recruited and appointed in accordance with the Constitution," the petitioners stated in the court papers.

    They further argue that should the special team be appointed, then the election will once again be plagued with irregularities and annulled leading to a constitutional crisis.

    The petitioners are also seeking orders to prevent IEBC Chairman from appointing a new team to manage the repeat poll.

    "Pending hearing and determination of this matter, we request this court to issue conservatory orders of injunction restraining Nasa affiliate parties and its leaders from removing the IEBC commissioners, members of the secretariat and electoral officials from office and replacing them," the petition read in part.

    NASA has been accused of carrying out a similar campaign to that which led to the removal of former IEBC Chairman Isaak Hassan and his team.

    They are therefore seeking to have the demands put forward by NASA as their "irreducible minimums" declared null and void.