Supreme Court's Justice Isaac Lenaola Goes After Dennis Itumbi

Supreme Court's Justice Isaac Lenaola has written to a State House official complaining over posts made on social media regarding the presidential petition

Through lawyer Donald Kipkorir's law firm, Lenaola has written to the Director Digital, Innovations & Diaspora Communications at State House, Dennis Itumbi, complaining over the hashtag #WakoraNetwork that trended for the better part of the week.

Lenaola accused Itumbi of being the origin of the hashtag under which he posted a series of tweets and made posts on his Twitter and Facebook timelines.

According to the judge, the posts meant that there exists a #WakoraNetwork and #EvilSociety in the Judiciary, that the outcome of the presidential petition was plotted in a hospital and apartment by NASA lawyers and politicians.

He further complained that the words indicated that the majority decision in the petition was written by the said #WakoraNetwork, that two Supreme Court judges attended the said venues among others.

Justice Lenaola has given Itumbi three days to delete all the tweets and apologise, failure to which he has vowed to move to court.

At the same time, Justice Lenaola has written a similar letter to the Standard Group complaining over a story titled; Damning Petitions Link Lenaola and Mwilu to NASA Lawyers, published on Tuesday this week.

Lenaola claimed that the words in the story were understood to mean that he was part of a corruption cartel in the Judiciary, that he delegated his duties to outsiders and that he is without ethical standards.

He also noted that the words meant he lacked the intellectual capacity to draft his own judgements, he subverted the Judiciary and Judicial system, that he was unfit to hold the high office as a judge of the Supreme Court.

The judge stated that by the time of publishing the story, he had not been served with petition, therefore, it was not public record.

He accused the media house of failing to research or verify the truthfulness of the petitioner and the petition or call him.

Lenaola now claims that he has been injured in his credit and reputation and brought to public scandal, odium and contempt.

He has demanded that the Standard Group issues an immediate and unqualified apology on Saturday, which should be given equal prominence as the article.

Failure to that, he has vowed to sue and seek compensatory and punitive damages equal to his estimated earnings for the remainder of his tenure which is about 20 years.

Here is the letter:



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