Ezra Chiloba Speaks On Secret Meeting With Raila Odinga

  • Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC) CEO Ezra Chiloba has come out and alleged that a private meeting was organized between National Super Alliance (NASA) leader Raila Odinga and himself.

    Mr Chiloba claimed that the meeting did not take place as it was not planned through proper channels and they instead discussed NASA's 'Irreducible Minimums' with Mr Odinga on the phone. This allegedly took place two days to the reading of the full Supreme Court judgement.

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    “Apparently, someone had organised a meeting between the two of us, which meeting I was never aware of and so I called him to tell him I had not planned any meeting but if he had any issues, we could discuss over the phone and we went through most of those issues around the minimum demands and the need for political commitment to ensure the (repeat) election happens,” Chiloba stated.

    According to the Daily Nation, the other was about two weeks ago. He had had a long meeting preparing for the elections and was leaving his office at about 1.30am when he found a man and a woman waiting at the reception. The man is allegedly a son of a former MP close to the NASA leadership and he wanted to take him to meet one of the NASA principals.

    Due to the strange time and the vague manner in which they spoke, he declined the invitation, doubtful whether the principal would be sitting up that late in the day waiting for him.

    He further claims he came to see to see the dilemma opposition MPs from the Western region are in, torn between supporting a young man from their home and the push by their political coalition to put him out of a job.

    “They privately pass messages for the CEO to stay and consider everything else as political,” alleged Mr Chiloba.

    “They say, ‘You stay. You are our own. There is nobody who is going to fight you. Let’s see how we will deal with our own affairs internally’,” he added

    The report claims the situation is similar for many of his peers, people like Homa Bay Town MP Peter Kaluma, who was a year ahead of him at the University of Nairobi’s School of Law.

    However, Mr Chiloba bowed to pressure and took a three-week break forcing him to be away during the repeat presidential election.

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