Why Raila Has Flown Back to London

  • National Super Alliance (NASA) leader Raila Odinga has flown back to London after a week-long series of meetings in the United States.

    The Opposition leader is reported to have taken his electoral justice campaign to the British capital ahead of his highly anticipated return to Kenya on Friday.

    NASA leaders announced that the coalition was planning for a grand and befitting welcome for Mr Odinga on his return to the country.

    "To this effect, the organizers of the grand welcome invite supporters to a major rally at the Kamukunji Grounds in Nairobi on Thursday, November 16. The rally will be a dress rehearsal for the Friday grand welcome," the statement by Senator James Orengo and former Senators Bonny Khalwale and Johnston Muthama read.

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    During his visit to the US, Mr Odinga demanded the Bomas draft of the 2010 Constitution be part of consultative discussions for his proposed interim government.

    While addressing Kenyans living in Washington DC, the Opposition chief maintained that the document was essential to ending the political stalemate currently in the country.

    "The original Bomas draft of the Constitution had a hybrid system of government, where we had a Prime Minister and the President," he stated.

    Mr Odinga advised that the document was prematurely dismissed yet he believes it is the key to the political "crisis".

    He added that he was advocating for more than electoral reforms explaining that it is the way of life that needs to be re-evaluated.

    "People tend to forget that the real issue facing Kenya is bigger than rigged elections. It is how we want to live. We are being ruled without having a say.

    "We have a regime that has become rogue. But we are not going to give up. We will ensure that no Kenyan is oppressed by this regime," the former Prime Minister posed.

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