Sonko’s Team Clashes With Kenya Navy

  • Sonko’s Rescue Team clashed with the Kenya Navy team on Saturday morning over who should get credit for the recovery of the chopper that crashed in Lake Nakuru.

    The two teams had a standoff for about two hours after rumors emerged that one group had claimed credit over for discovery of the chopper.

    Drama began when the Sonko Rescue Team divers led by team captain Musa Juma refused to lift the chopper wreckage out of the waters until their efforts were acknowledged.

    The Sonko team accused the Kenya Navy of arriving on the scene earlier than usual so that they would be seen as the ones who did much of the work.

    “We have been coming here early in the morning before them but we are surprised to see that today they want to take control of everything after we have discovered the wreckage,” Juma stated.

    [caption caption="Remains of the helicopter that crashed in Lake Nakuru"][/caption]

    We have been working as a team for the last 29 days and we endured the challenges together. We should also celebrate the achievement as a team,” he added.

    On Friday, the helicopter which crashed into Lake Nakuru was recovered after searching for more than three weeks.

    The helicopter was involved in the fatal crash few minutes after take-off from Jarika Hotel on October 21 morning with five people on board.

    The five, who were in the ill-fated chopper owned and operated by Flex Air Charters, included Apollo Malowa (pilot), Veronica Muthoni, Sam Gitau, John Mapozi and Anthony Kipyegon.

    Bodies of the pilot and Mr Kipyegon were recovered in the first week of the search to the relief of family members who had camped at the Lake Nakuru National Park.

    [caption caption="wreckage of the plane that washed up on the shore"][/caption]