KTN Journalist Injured After Police Fired At Their Vehicle

  • A KTN photojournalist was injured after police fired a tear gas canister in their vehicle as she covered the chaos at Riverside, Ruaraka.

    Ms Beverlyne Musili fell from the top of a vehicle that was hit by a teargas canister lobbed by police, sustaining injuries in the neck and hands.

    The photographer had climbed onto the vehicle to get a vantage position from which to take a good photo of the crowd when the driver suddenly drove off without notice, sending those atop the vehicle tumbling.

    Opposition leader Raila Odinga was visiting residents on his way to Baba Dogo when the situation turned chaotic.

    [caption caption="KTN journalist Beverlynne Musili"][/caption]

    Ms Musili further lamented that she thought it best to climb on top of the vehicle carrying the speakers Raila was using to address the crowd.

    “I could not get the picture from the ground so I chose to get onto the vehicle along with another camera person,” Ms Musili stated.

    According to a reporter from The Standard who was also present, a confrontation between the police and youths ensued as Mr Odinga was leaving.

    Police threw tear gas canisters in an effort to disperse them and the canister hit the vehicle Musili and others were on and forcing the driver, to panic and swerve suddenly, throwing the journalists off.

    “It was at this point that I, the other cameraman and an MP whom I understand broke his leg, fell. I tried to pick him up not realising how badly injured I was,” she stated.

    The incident comes two days after yet another Standard Group TV journalist, Duncan Khaemba, was injured while covering Raila’s return from a trip to the US.

    [caption caption="A crowd being dispersed to make way for NASA leaders"][/caption]

    Furthermore, a Nation Media Group vehicle was also hit by a teargas canister with reporters Silas Apollo, Brian Moseti and photographer Denis Onsongo inside.