Jubilee Will Face Our Full Wrath in 7 Days - NASA Declares

  • The National Super Alliance (NASA) on Monday night warned that the Jubilee Party would face its full wrath within seven days after the Supreme Court upheld President Uhuru Kenyatta's win.

    Speaking during an interview with KTN News, NASA CEO Norman Magaya noted that the election was not over and Jubilee will start feeling their resistance effect soon.

    "This election is not over until it is over. To us it is very clear that Jubilee will go on with what they think is right to do and us NASA we will also go on with what we think is right to do.

    "I can promise you that in the next seven days Jubilee will be able to taste what we have been saying and our resolve is so firm. I don't see how Jubilee will survive this," Magaya stated.

    [caption caption="File image of NASA CEO Norman Magaya and Raila Odinga"][/caption]

    He explained that the coalition will act within the Constitution but maintained that they will respect the election of October 26, 2017.

    "It is good that we reiterate our early assertion that for us everything that happened on 26th of October is a charade, a mockery of the Constitution and cannot give birth to a product worth our respect and obedience," the NASA CEO explained.

    Regarding their way forward, Mr Magaya explained that the Opposition was weighing a number of options adding that once they reach a conclusion the country will be notified.

    "We have a range of options in our hand. Swearing in Raila is one of them. It has been considered robustly when the right time comes, the country will be informed," he noted.

    The NASA CEO directed all Opposition supporters to remain calm adding that a way forward will be communicated after five days.

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    "We can see it before it happens. Refused to validate a sham election on 26.10.17 and refused to legitimize the charade through SCOK. We remain masters of our own destiny. In five days we will get there," Magaya explained.