Why DP William Ruto Warned Waititu Against Embarrassing President Uhuru Kenyatta

Deputy President William Ruto is reported to have cautioned Kiambu Governor Ferdinand Waititu against embarrassing Kiambu County where President Uhuru Kenyatta hails from.

DP Ruto made the remarks after he summoned Governor Waititu and his Deputy Governor James Nyoro over their ongoing disagreements.

Reports indicate Waititu revealed that Mr Nyoro has been scolding him a lot during a church event attended by the Deputy President.

Mr Nyoro later expressed his disappointment with his boss over what he described as washing their dirty linen in public.

“Your Excellency the Deputy President, I never thought my Governor would say that (about the differences),” Mr Nyoro stated.

[caption caption="Kiambu Governor Ferdinand Waititu (left) and his Deputy James Nyoro"][/caption]

DP Ruto later questioned the two over their issues where Waititu reportedly promised to end the infighting between him and Mr Nyoro.

“Sometimes there will be small issues here and there, but it’s not a must they be made public, and so I never thought that he would go public with our small issues,” he added.

Nyoro was among four Kiambu gubernatorial candidates who shelved their bids to vie in favour of Waititu.

Before joining politics, Nyoro worked with the Rockefeller Foundation and briefly served as the agriculture adviser to the Presidency.

[caption caption="Kiambu Deputy Governor James Nyoro"][/caption]

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